Basic Horse Care Tips (kids 6 to12 years old)



Horses that are confined to a stall or in a small pasture rely completely on there owners. Before you decide to own a horse you should do some research to determine if owning a horse is right for you. There are many other daily needs that are not mentioned in this article. Caring for tack, repairing fences, shelter and many other needs

                                                                                                                                                            Horses need an unlimited supply of water. You have to be sure your horse has a fresh supply of
water everyday. During the summer horses need shelter for shade in the winter they need shelter to stay out of the cold winds. Horses by nature graze in pastures be sure your horse has plenty of grass or hay to graze on through out the day.

If your horse is in a confined area you must clean up manure. You must clean the manure every other day to keep your horses hooves health and reduce the flies. Lime is great for adsorbing the moisture and keeps the fly population down. You may want to spray your horse with fly repellent everyday.

Your horses hygiene is important they need to be washed once a week there hooves need to be cleaned and inspected before and after you ride. Between baths you need to use a curry comb to loosen up dead skin and to curry the shedding hair. Take a soft brush and brush all the lose hair and skin off your horse. You should also comb your horse’s tail to free the tail from knots.

Exercise: Your horse needs plenty of exercise. Horses have a lot of energy they get bored easily. When a horse gets bored they chew on wood this causes health problem. Your horses needs his shots on schedule and wormed as directed by your vet.

After riding your horse it is important to lead your horse around until he cools off. It is not good for the horse to drink water after exercising. 


The Responsibilities of Owning a Horse

by K Jolin