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Basic Horse Care Tips (kids 6 to12 years old)

Horses that are confined to a stall or in a small pasture rely completely on there owners. Before you decide to own a horse you should do some research to determine if owning a horse is right for you. There are many other daily needs that are not mentioned in this article. Caring for tack, repairing fences, shelter and many other needs


How to Replace Drive Belt On a Murray

Replacing a belt on a Murray riding lawn mower is easy.

You will read in detailed instruction in this article on how to remove your Murray riding lawn mower drive belt. You will be provided with a complete diagram for your Murray riding mower. Do not worry the part that are described in the article you can see on the diagram so it makes it easy to identify the parts.


The Difference Between Boy and Girl Bullies   Boy bullying differs from girl bullying.  Males are viewed to be the dominating sex in nature.  When a boy is a victim of bullying it is obvious because of the physical evidence.  Males are more likely to have altercations that are more physical then females. Females tend […]

Riding Lawn Mower Belt Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting for most brands of riding lawnmowers with decks.

Are you replacing lawn mower belts more then once a year? Does your Riding lawn mower throw belts? Does your lawn mower break belts? Let’s fix the problem forget the symptoms. Fixing the symptoms are draining your pockets and giving you headaches so let’s fix the problem with your riding mower belt.

How to Install a PetSafe Electric Dog Fence

by PicApp Installing a PetSafe electric fence is easy to install.  Most electric fence containment systems take less than a day of work to install.  You do not need an electrical or engineering background.  Consider all the benefits for you and your dog.  All you will have to do is open the door to let […]