Riding Lawn Mower Belt Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting for most brands of riding lawnmowers with decks.



Are you replacing lawn mower belts more then once a year? Does your Riding lawn mower throw belts? Does your lawn mower break belts? Let’s fix the problem forget the symptoms. Fixing the symptoms are draining your pockets and giving you headaches so let’s fix the problem with your riding mower belt.

Check your pulleys for debris.  Sometimes debris get under the pulley then collects this causes the pulley not to move freely which will either through the belt or make the belt slip causing your belt to wear.  If this appears to be the problem clean the deck and the belt pulleys.

Now that your deck and pulleys are cleaned up check the pulleys for wear.  Check the bearings for wear.  Worn out bearings will not allow the pulley to move freely.  This will ware and throw your belt off.

Check the pulley guard for damage this is important the pulley guards help keep the lawn mower belt on the pulley.  The pulley guard is what makes getting the lawn mower belt on a pain but an essential part that keeps the belt on the lawn mower pulleys.

Note:  If the problem is still an issues replace the pulleys.  You will save yourself time and money by replacing the lawn mower pulleys.