How to Replace Drive Belt On a Murray

Replacing a belt on a Murray riding lawn mower is easy.



You will read in detailed instruction in this article on how to remove your Murray riding lawn mower drive belt. You will be provided with a complete diagram for your Murray riding mower. Do not worry the part that are described in the article you can see on the diagram so it makes it easy to identify the parts.

Remove housing by disengaging the blade. Remove the wheels located on the housing. Known as the gauge wheels.

Shift the lift leveler to the level position. Pull hair pins and the washers off the adjuster arms. On the suspension links you will see that there is hair pins and washers remove them.

Take off the extension spring from blade control rod. Take off the front hanger from the axle support.

Remove old drive belt. Now move the lift leveler up as far as it will go. This will create more space to work on the belt.

Take off mid-idler pulley than the spacer. Take off the V-idler pulley than the spacer. Take belt off pulley by pulling the belt through the stack pulley going under the stack pulley. Then back between stack pulley and the steering plate.

Take off access panel you will see 2 screws that attaches the steering shaft. Unscrew them both. Lift up the steering wheel just enough to remove the belt.

Installing New Murray Lawn Mower  Belt

Position belt between the stack pulley and the belt guides. Be sure the V side of the belt is on the pulley. Now install belt on the top pulley of the stack pulley. Between the opening push the belt between steering plate also through the engine plate.

Place the end of the belt on drive pulley. Place belt around the V-idler pulley. Be sure the flat side of the belt is on the idler pulley. Replace idler pulley and spacer with nut.

Reconnect idler spring. Put mid-idler pulley back on.

How to Replace the Murray Housing

Install lawn mower belt with the V side of the lawn mower belt against your stack pulley. Always make sure the belt is not twisted.

Mount front hanger on the axle support with hanger rod. Replace your washers and hair pin. Be sure lawn mower belt is between the stack pulley also the two belt guides. Reattach suspension links on lifter assembly replace washers and hair pins.

Replace right and left adjust arms to suspension brackets. Replace washers and hair pins. Reattach extension spring to the blade control rod. Engage blade.

Make sure the lawn mower belt is inside belt guides. Make sure the lawn mower housing is level. Replace your gauge wheels.

Adjust blade rotation control. See instruction on diagram.


Murray Riding Lawn Mower Diagram