How to Install a PetSafe Electric Dog Fence


by PicApp

Installing a PetSafe electric fence is easy to install.  Most electric fence containment systems take less than a day of work to install.  You do not need an electrical or engineering background.  Consider all the benefits for you and your dog.  All you will have to do is open the door to let your dog in and out of the house.  Your dog will enjoy the freedom of running and playing in the yard.  After purchasing your PetSafe electric fence, you will wonder why you did not purchase your fence sooner.  PetSafe fences will keep your dog safe and secure.  Put your mind to rest knowing your dog cannot escape. 

Install transmitter within 5 feet of an electrical outlet in an area protected from the elements.  Such, as a covered area like a porch.  Remove transmitter mount from transmitter by pressing the tab at the top of the transmitter and pushing the transmitter in an upward motion releasing the transmitter from its mount. 

Place the mount plate flush up against the wall using mount plate as a template color in the four holes. Remove mount plate from the wall.  Drill all four holes.  Tap all four-wall anchors into the holes.  Take your mount plate line it up with the holes with the anchors.  Screw in each screw a little at a time until flush. Screw the mount plate tightly securing the mount plate to the wall.  Drill a hole toward the bottom base of the wall.  Drill a hole with a 1/4-inch drill bit through the wall to the outside.   

Draw a diagram of where the wire will curve around the desired containment area starting from the transmitter.  Keep in mind PetSafe fence wire comes with 500 feet of wire.  Do the math each corner will be 125 feet apart creating a curved square perimeter. 

Lay your wire according to your sketched diagram creating a loop starting from the transmitter making your way back to the transmitter. Make sure all your corners curved.  Splice your pre-twisted wire wherever you will allow your dog to run such as doorways.  Pre-twisted wire blocks the signal allowing your dog into that area. 

Cut only the insulation then pull insulation off the wire.  Twist the boundary wire with the pre-twisted wire shutting the signal off closest to the house this stops interference with other electric within the house. 

Insert the pre-twisted wire into the hole.  Walk to the location where the transmitter box is strip a half-inch of insulation off the wires.  Insert ends into loop wire spring terminal. 

Then plug the power adapter into the jack on the transmitter box.  Plug power adapter into the outlet.  Turn the transmitter on a green light should come on.   

Walk around the wire perimeter with the PetSafe collar or the test light.  Check the signal as you adjust the wire.   

Decide which way you are going to finish the installation whether you are going to bury the wire or use sod staples. 

Unplug transmitter before barring the wire or placing your sod staples.  If you are burying the wire, dig a trench about 2 inches deep then cover the wire.  If you choose to use the sod staples, be careful not to damage the wire. 

Check the signal again after you have either buried the wire or stapled the wire to the sod. 

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Guide with Diagram by Pets Contains

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Things you need 

A pet containment system 

A protected outlet 

Paper and Pencil 

A measuring tape 

Straight edge shovel